The journey 2018/2019



Experience Mission Africa exists to spread Christ's love by connecting people together from diverse cultures and backgrounds, developing leaders, and assisting those that live in under-developed communities with resources and support to enable them to reach their own communities and actively participate in extending out to the world.

Experience Mission Africa


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The whole team stayed in Lewende Woord church. They attended church services and invested themselves in the community. There were also fun Friday nights with the youth and gave their testimonies.

They build relationships with the people in Darling, but also build and strengthen relationships with the team. Since they lived together, relationships grew a lot.

Tent Crusade

"One really cool thing we got to do while in Darling was help with a tent crusade that Lewende Woord put on. The mornings were filled with a program for the kids. We sang songs, told bible stories, did skits, played games with them, and fed them lunch. We had about 400 kids attend! The evenings consisted of a service for the adults. We sang, a pastor preached, and we prayed over people." 

-  Isadora Mattfeld


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"The members of Lewende Woord took turns hosting us for meals. It was such a blessing to get to know and build relationships with so many amazing people! One women, Adri, took us on an adventure in the ocean in Yzerfontein. We went swimming in freezing water (about 7 degrees Celsius!) and really just had a blast." 

- Isadora Mattfeld


Group leader

"The man in charge of our day to day life was Michael. He made sure we had food, scheduled our days, and just saw that all our day to day needs were satisfied. He really just became a part of the team! He is hilarious, fun, and insightful. We could always count on Michael to cheer us up or give us advice. His wife Sandy, and his kids Marco, Matthew, and Caleb were also really amazing. Thank you Jesus for Michael!"   - Isadora Mattfeld

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"We were all so welcomed by the community in Darling!! The people at Lewende Woord became family almost instantly, and the hospitality and acceptance was incredible. Sakkie was one of our main points of contact there, but he ended up being so much more. He was always giving us advice and taking us on impromtu adventures like the day we went to tablemountain! Both Sakkie & Sonja were incredible to us! They took care of us, and they discipled us with every conversation."

- Isadora Mattfeld


"During our free time, we were able to explore the town. One place I was able to really invest in, was a little cafe called The Marmalade Cat. My friend Maci and I went a few times a week and built relationships with the staff there. We became good friends with two staff in particular Bridget and Lucky. It was cool to see those relationships grow throughout the three weeks and share life stories with each other. "

- Isadore Mattfeld

We thank the Experience Mission Team, who have been part of our community and church. We love seeing nations come together because there is unity through God's heart for all the nations. The EMA team have been in Darling, South Africa for 3 weeks. The people have been teachers, dancers, friends, and became family. It was a joy to live life together and share the love of Christ. Thank you to all who sponsored in finance, meals, entertainment & just making them feel at home.